Contact Lenses

Contact LensesIn addition to a full optical shop, Eye Surgical-Medical Associates offers contact lens fittings and replacements. We will decide which type of contact lenses are best for your situation and fit you for your prescription.

There are two types of contact lenses: daily wear and extended wear. Daily wear contact lenses are removed before going to bed each night and are discarded after a set period of time and replaced with a fresh pair. Your doctor will determine how long you should wear your daily wear lenses before discarding them. Extended wear contact lenses can be worn overnight until the end of the allotted time set by your doctor and replaced with a fresh pair. With either type, it’s important to care for your lenses exactly as your doctor prescribes to maintain proper eye health.

We carry all of the top of the line brands and even have contact lenses for those with dry eyes or astigmatism. If you’re ready to step out from behind your eyeglasses, schedule an appointment with us at Eye Surgical-Medical Associates to decide which contact lenses are best for you!

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